Boundaries and Expectations

Mom talking to daughter before school

Asset 16: High Expectations

When caring adults show they believe in young people and help them reach their potential, youth are better able to do just that. Express your expectations to young people as a hope you hold for them.

Asset 14: Adult Role Models

Young people look up to adults. They see you—especially if you’re a parent—as the type of person they want to become someday. They want heroes. That’s why it’s so important to be the best person you can be.

Asset 13: Neighborhood Boundaries

Everyone is someone’s neighbor. Young people benefit from knowing their neighbors are looking out for their safety, as well as monitoring their behavior.

Asset 12: School Boundaries

All schools need rules. In fact, young people actually learn better when school boundaries—expectations for how they should act—are clear and consistent.

Asset 11: Family Boundaries

Rules and expectations are important. They help establish the do’s and don’ts for society and help things run smoothly. But rules are not automatically known; they must be created and learned.

Asset 11: Family Boundaries Asset 12: School Boundaries Asset 13: Neighborhood Boundaries Asset 14: Adult Role Models Asset 15: Positive Peer Influence Asset 16: High Expectations Boundaries and Expectations

Every day young people face many options and choices. Boundaries and expectations provide young people with the support they need to choose wisely.

Boundaries and Expectations Commitment to Learning Constructive Use of Time Empowerment Positive Identity Positive Values Social Competence Support

The secret to helping children and youth grow into happy, healthy, and responsible adults isn’t really a secret at all. Research from Search Institute identifies 40 Developmental Assets that have a powerful, positive impact on young people.