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Asset 10: Safety Asset 11: Family Boundaries Asset 32: Planning and Decision Making Asset 35: Resistance Skills

Kids want cellphones to connect with peers, build friendships and find a sense of belonging. When is the best time for them to get their first mobile device?
Is a gluten-free/casein-free diet helpful in treating autism? Our son was diagnosed as autistic several years ago. We've been using behavioral therapies with him, but a friend suggested that this kind of diet might also be helpful.

Asset 11: Family Boundaries Asset 36: Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Do you have any advice for disciplining and training uncooperative school‐age children? My child is now in the elementary grades and life in our household is still an ongoing battle. Can you help us?

Asset 17: Creative Activities Asset 18: Youth Programs Asset 19: Religious Community Asset 20: Time at Home Asset 25: Reading for Pleasure

How can we encourage and promote our young child's love for learning when we don't have the money for preschool? She already knows how to read and she's curious about everything. I'm not sure that I'm equipped to homeschool a child of her ability. What do you suggest we do?

Asset 33: Interpersonal Competence Asset 34: Cultural Competence Asset 35: Resistance Skills Asset 36: Peaceful Conflict Resolution

We have a toddler who is just learning to talk – is there anything important we should know about the respective ways in which moms and dads influence speech development?