Serving Communities,
Strengthening Families

Communities and families are at the center of our identity.

RezilientKidz partners with communities to help families, parents, and children.

Our Mission

For over 10 years, we’ve been fulfilling our mission to transform communities by strengthening families through committed coalitions and proven character-building programs.

Our Aim — seeing cities, communities and our culture changed for the better.

Our How — building up and equipping parents, kids and families to thrive.

Our Model — wraparound support from community leaders and organizations.

Our Product — transformational, substantiated programming that strengthens kids and families.

Our Community Partnership Model

Lasting transformation takes a community of support. Our collaborative approach sets us apart. Wherever we go, we become part of the community fabric to make the program successful in reaching families. This is the RezilientKidz model:

Step 1

Identify Your Community Champion

Our first step in a new location is to establish a relationship with a leader in the community. This Community Champion is willing and able to mobilize the local coalition, and partners with us to cast the vision, establish the program and sustain the initiative.

Step 2

Mobilize Community Stakeholders

These stakeholders are like-minded partners and organizations who rally around the program to support it and ensure its success. We work with the Community Champion to identify and equip a powerful coalition — people, businesses, non-profits, schools, faith-based partners, and many others.

Step 3

Train Facilitators

These are boots-on-the-ground community members who we train and equip to facilitate the program. They can be parents, teachers, community leaders, etc. To ensure an effective launch and sustainability of the program, we continue to provide ongoing support and resources for this essential team.

Step 4

Engage Families

Strengthening and serving families is our ultimate goal. Through our proven programming, parents, kids and families are equipped with knowledge, skills and resources to help them thrive. When families thrive, there is long-term, multi-generational, community impact. 

Our Programs are Proven to Impact Kids and Families

Our programs are built upon extensive research, and developed by experts in family development. Our premier parenting program, Raising Highly Capable Kids, has been verified as evidence-based by an independent third-party evaluation.

Parents consider Raising Highly Capable Kids to be a high quality program.

Our Vision
and Values

Thriving families, resilient kids, transformed communities.

The Value of People

We believe all people have intrinsic worth and value. To that end we will treat all people with dignity and respect — no exceptions.

The Power of Community

We believe people are inherently relational and made for community. We will partner with communities to spark hope in families and inspire generational transformation.

The Importance of Family

We believe thriving families are the cornerstone of healthy communities. We will pour our energy, resources and passion into strengthening the family unit.

The Possibility of Change

We believe everyone has the potential for growth. We will invest in people because we believe in their potential — even when they don’t believe in themselves.

Our Team

We’re an ambitious, passionate (and pretty fun) group of people who care deeply about kids, families, and community.

Group gathers at school playground.
Eleanor Rodriguez at the beginning of the Santa Ana Parent Project

Our History

RezilientKidz began in 2010 when Eleanor Rodriguez, an elementary school principal in Santa Ana, California, reached out to community leaders for help. Rising poverty, gang violence, drugs, and other high-risk behaviors were impacting the education and well-being of the city’s children. The city’s youth were being lost. Parents and leaders were desperate for long-term solutions.

Mike Haley, founding RezilientKidz Director, helped assemble a local coalition who would strategize and respond to this need. This led to the development of a parenting tool that would be translated into Spanish. The “Santa Ana Parent Project” was born and piloted in 6 elementary schools in the community with tremendous response.

This effort led to the founding of the non-profit educational organization RezilientKidz, and the development of our premier parenting program, Raising Highly Capable Kids. This program, along with strong community support, brought powerful transformation in the city of Santa Ana. This proven model continues to be successful in communities throughout the United States.

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