Frequently Asked Questions

RezilientKidz – The Organization

Transform communities by strengthening families through committed coalitions and proven character-building programs.
Yes! Discussions are in process for a Raising Highly Capable Kids 2.0 program and beyond.
Derived from decades of research by Search Institute with over 5 million young people. These essential building blocks not only help parents to raise healthy, caring and responsible children but also equip kids with the power to make healthy life choices – including a proven increase in GPA. The Assets are studied in depth throughout the 13 weeks of Raising Highly Capable Kids classes.

As of now, only the Raising Highly Capable Kids classes have the option of Community Grant Partnership. There are specific criteria that must be met for a program grant to be provided. These include:

  • demonstrating community need,
  • creation of a coalition of community leaders to encircle program efforts,
  • identification of a Community Champion, who will be the RezilientKidz point person in the community,
  • a sustainability plan post grant period,
  • the agreement to submit quarterly reports and testimonies.

Absolutely! The programs of RezilientKidz are made possible by generous donors from around the country, and we’d love for you to be involved.

Your donation helps us with the following ongoing needs:

  • Program development and support
  • Community implementation for underserved schools & communities
  • Benevolent follow-up resources for underserved schools & communities

Please follow this link to donate online or contact our Team for additional options.

Yes. RezilientKidz is a 501(c)3 education corporation as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. Donations made payable to RezilientKidz are tax-deductible. 

Raising Highly Capable Kids (RHCK) – Premier Parenting Program

Simply email or call our Team and let’s begin the conversation. We are more than happy to jump on a phone call or Zoom call to talk through the possibilities. Hearing your vision for your community and how we can best come alongside your efforts are opportunities we welcome!

A Community Grant Partnership is not a monetary grant. There is no exchange of funds throughout the grant period. A Community Grant Partnership is currently available only for Raising Highly Capable Kids. An application must be submitted outlining the above criteria. Upon approval, the wheels begin turning. The 18-month grant period initiates on the day of your Facilitator Training. Grants include the following:

  1. A Vision Casting meeting (1.5 hours) conducted by one of our staff. This meeting will introduce, motivate, and educate community stakeholders about the breadth of the program. Includes history, findings, overview, stories and Q/A.
    1. 20 orange RHCK promotional folders for review by attendees (we encourage a minimum of 20 attendees) 
    2. 1 packet of 40 Developmental Asset sheets
  2. A 4-hour Facilitator Training conducted by one of our staff. This training includes the same material as the Vision Casting and full, in-depth training of both Sessions 1 and 2. This training model has proven successful at giving facilitators a realistic feel of how the sessions are structured and carried out.
    1. 1 set of materials/attendee (we encourage a minimum of 20 attendees) 
    2. Packet of 40 Developmental Asset sheets
  3. Leader Guides, Participant Guides and PowerPoints as needed for all your scheduled classes until the grant termination. (Available in Spanish, English, Chinese, and Arabic).
  4. Regional Representative ongoing support and communication to serve the Community Champion, Facilitators, and the development of RHCK in your community.

No. A coalition is only required if a Community Program Grant is requested. Sometimes this requirement can feel overwhelming, particularly for schools. This is where our Regional Representatives become an invaluable resource. These RezilientKidz leaders are ready to help you build those bridges within your community and ongoing as you continue to offer RHCK to your families.

The curriculum is very easy to facilitate and follow. However, our Team generally encourages communities to start small, strengthen the processes involved, then build from there. 1-2 classes to begin is a general rule when launching RHCK in a community.

No. This is really based on the space available and the decision of the Community Champion in partnership with facilitators. We have seen groups of 4 up to groups of 125. This is really a decision we leave up to those involved in leading within the community.

There are 2 major categories that create context. Half of the Assets focus on the relationships and opportunities children are afforded through their families, schools and community. These are External Assets. The second half of the Assets are classified as Internal. These Assets focus on the social-emotional strengths, values and commitments that are nurtured within the young person. Beyond that, the Assets are further broken down and put into 8 different subcategories. These are Support, Empowerment, Boundaries & Expectations, Commitment to Learning, Positive Values, Social Competence, and Positive Identity.

There is the Community Grant Partnership pricing which is specifically designed for communities demonstrating the need outlined above. Leader and Participant Guides are 100% free for the 18 months of the grant. Other resources are available for purchase in the RezilientKidz store. These items are not discounted.

Incentives created by community leaders have varied depending on region of the country and the community itself. Here are some ideas to get the conversation started.

For parents completing 10 or more RHCK classes:

  • A graduation celebration with all the bells and whistles, including caps and gowns.
  • $100 gift card to a grocery market (drawing for 1 or gift cards awarded to each family).
  • Backpacks filled with groceries or other types of supplies.
  • Boxes of groceries and household supplies.
  • Gifts for children in each household.
  • A weekend at a family camp where families are served and celebrated.
  • Tickets to a sporting event for the entire family.
  • Opportunity to receive a GED at a local community college, free of charge.
  • Discounted community college classes for parents.
  • Dinner celebration for parents and families.
  • Drawings of all kinds.

Fight For Your Marriage (FFYM) – Marriage Resource Program

Simply purchase the curriculum and run it in a small group setting that fosters fun, safe and meaningful dialogue. The DVD-driven curriculum has an accompanying participant guide to help you lead your small-group through this life-changing program.

Session One: The Open Heart – Marital conflict is healthy only when both spouses approach it with open hearts. When you feel emotionally safe in your relationship, you and your spouse are free to make yourselves vulnerable and take the necessary steps to resolve conflict in a way that benefits both of you.

Session Two: Creating Safety – In this session, you’ll discover relationship strategies for giving your spouse a sense of safety. Strategies to make your spouse feel valued and loved. With a little practice, you’ll be able to incorporate these strategies into your marriage full-time.

Session Three: Understanding Conflict – Examining the buttons that get pushed in the midst of conflict and how they ultimately affect the outcome of that conflict can be helpful to any marriage.

Session Four: Personal Responsibility – In this session, couples will discover the Smalley’s three-pronged strategy for defusing tension in the midst of conflict.

Session Five: Healthy Communication – In this session, couples will acquaint themselves with the steps of the L.U.V.E. talk, which helps pave the way to healthy conflict resolution.

Session Six: Teamwork – Sometimes there are decisions to be made even after conflicts are resolved. How can you tackle such decisions in a way that feels like a win for both you and your spouse? That’s the topic of this final session.

No. This is really based on the space available and the decision of those offering and facilitating the program.

No. At this time there are no grants available for this program.

No. This can be limited to a single organization/group or linked in on a great community level. It is really up to you how this can look in your community.

FFYM is a small-group curriculum that is having impact on couples around the country. At this time, this curriculum has not been put through the rigorous testing associated with other evidence-based programs, but we continue to hear of its life-changing impact and encourage you to try it and see the difference in can make in the lives of couples in your community.