Fight for Your Marriage

Encouraging and leading couples through conflict and challenges can be an overwhelming task wrought with twists and turns. However, with the right tools and resources, a facilitator can lead a group of both husbands and wives into a deeper place of connection. Fight for Your Marriage (FFYM) is a 6-part DVD series containing lessons from Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley to strengthen and equip any couple to fight for one another and their family through flexibility, sensitivity, and transparency. The Fight for Your Marriage resource is a program of RezilientKidz but is not currently offered under the Community Grant Program.

Program Distinctives

This small group curriculum creates the opportunity to get to the real issues that might be lurking below the surface and create greater understanding, trust, and connection within the marriage relationship.

FFYM is designed to be facilitated in person. There is truly no substitute to the power of face-to-face interaction and equipping alongside other couples walking a similar journey.
FFYM is available in both Spanish and English within the same set. Therefore, there is no need to purchase 2 separate DVD sets to meet the varying needs.

FFYM is designed to be delivered in community. Multiple couples experiencing the process of marital growth provides an environment of support, laughter, conversation, and collaboration.

FFYM products have been produced and priced to be easily accessible by groups and couples in any community. 

Curriculum Resources

In this bilingual 6-session DVD series, marriage experts Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley provide content with practical tools needed to fight for a healthy marriage. 

Leader's Kit

This Fight For Your Marriage Leader’s Kit includes a Leader’s Guide and a DVD (including: 6 week bilingual curriculum series, sample participant guide, marketing materials and promo items). 

Fight for Your Marriage Leader's Kit

Participant's Guide

This Participant’s Guide has everything you need to walk through the Fight For Your Marriage Curriculum, by Greg and Erin Smalley. Each participant should have their own copy of the Participant’s Guide. 

English and Spanish versions of the Fight for Your Marriage Participant Guide

Bring Fight for Your Marriage to Your Community

You can help create strong, vibrant, lasting marriages in your community! Connect with our team to talk about next steps.

Young Married Couple
Before these classes, I was abusive to my wife and children … my family was in turmoil, but since I’ve taken these classes, there’s no more turmoil at home. I am a better man because of these classes, and I like myself now. If it weren’t for these classes, I don’t know where I’d be today.