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There are countless stories of how RezilientKidz programs are impacting families in communities across the nation – this is why we do what we do.
Houston Community
Valdosta School Program


Elementary Teacher
Since implementing RHCK, our PTO has created a subcommittee that is focusing on diversity and inclusion. They have also made an organizational commitment to increasing awareness and understanding about mental health. I truly believe that it was because of the relationships formed and the topics discussed during RHCK that directly led to these initiatives.


I shared common parenting struggles with many other people in the group and I was able to receive advice and validation from them. The program helped me narrow my focus to a couple of areas that I can address to be the best version of myself and provide as many of the 40 assets as I can for my children.


Raising Highly Capable Kids taught me so much about myself and my children. I gained knowledge of important things to teach my children, to make us a better family, and the tools to use the skills! Lastly, I walked into the class not really knowing anyone and I walked out with some lifelong friends and support system!
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The program had a very big impact on the lives of each one of us ladies, especially mine. I only have one child and previously I always measured him by his academic achievement. I had never focused on his values as a human being. Thanks to this course I have more tools to value my son more and for him to grow up and be a good man. I think I have all the tools in my hands, the knowledge, I have the manual which is a gem.


After spending 22 years incarcerated, it’s hard to come out and not feel that you’re seen as a menace to society but as someone who has another chance. The RHCK curriculum opened my eyes about my role as a dad. With little parenting experience outside of prison walls, I learned from other parents’ experiences, and the RHCK curriculum equipped me with skills to be the father my children need right now. I know that for me to preach to them about doing right, I’ve got do it first.


RHCK Representative
I attended SERC’s first ever webinar in Spanish. SERC will be the main organization taking RHCK statewide in Connecticut. The presenters were principals, doctors, pediatricians, social workers, psychiatrists… Wow! This is the perfect connection for us. I am humbled and amazed at how RHCK has opened doors for us to be involved in what is going on today, things that affect our Hispanic families. The unity is incredible.

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