Clare was a single mom suffering from family violence in her home.

The situation worsened and eventually a restraining order was issued to her husband, Ian. One of her primary concerns was the development of her children and the principles they were learning at home.

From the beginning, Raising Highly Capable Kids offered a place where Clare could be heard but also where she could learn healthy principles of growth for her children.

Over time, Ian approached us and asked if he could participate in the Raising Highly Capable Kids classes because he heard the content is very helpful for families. After obtaining legal consent to approach his family, he began to attend. Now together as a family, they work on the education of their children, using the tools that Raising Highly Capable Kids has given them.

Clare and Ian’s story started with broken relationships and violence, but through learning and work, they became a family of peace.

This is a true story from one of our Raising Highly Capable Kids facilitators. Several details and names have been changed to protect the identity of those mentioned in the story.