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We are a small but dedicated team of creative, hard-working, personable individuals who are passionate about impacting kids, families, and communities.
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Program Director

Curt Sawyer

Curt has served in leadership positions in the U.S. Army, corporate world, higher education, and non-profit. At RezilientKidz, he oversees the team and has passion for the strategy, culture, and support of his teammates. Curt has a quirky sense of humor which to him is not quirky at all, and he’s not bashful in exercising his gifting in this area with those close by.

Curt is a committed family man to his wife Lisa of 29 years and their three children (Rachel, Isaac, and Anna), two dogs (Keller and Alistair) and cat (Poody). Curt enjoys reading, intentional time of reflection, weightlifting, running, hiking, camping, motorcycles, and front porch rockers.

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Director of Community Engagement

Mike Haley

Visionary leader and pioneer of the Raising Highly Capable Kids program, Mike was the founding director of RezilientKidz. He is deeply passionate about resourcing underserved communities and helping parents raise healthy, caring, and responsible children. He has a BA in Education from Biola University and a MA in Counseling from Liberty University. 

Mike and his wife, Angie, are the proud parents of two sons and make their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Regional Representative

Andrea Davis

Andrea is originally from Jamaica, and moved to Colorado Springs in 2008, after many years of living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She holds a BA in Elementary Education, Special Education, and a MS in Educational Leadership. With over 29 years of education experience, Andrea joined RezilientKidz as a Regional Representative for the South-eastern Region of the US .

Andrea’s greatest joy is being a wife and mother of three amazing children. She loves to read, watch movies, and travel with her family.

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Regional Representative

Ketty Kerns

Ketty was born in Colombia and grew up in the Middle East and Asia. She brings over 20 years of experience in Global Content Creation. At RezilientKidz, Ketty is a bilingual trainer for the parenting curriculum, Raising Highly Capable Kids.

Ketty is passionate about supporting women and helping families thrive. She loves and appreciates diverse cultures. Her favorite place to visit is the Kashmir region.

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Regional Representative

Kim Trobee

Kim first stepped behind a microphone at the tender age of 3. She went on to be a local DJ and do commercial voiceovers and television. She recently graduated with a degree in surgical technology. So how did she get to RezilientKidz? Kim’s love for people goes beyond reporting the news or even tending to their physical needs in an operating room. When she heard about the impact of RezilientKidz, she was hooked! She’s looking forward to meeting new and interesting people and the families whose lives are being changed.

Kim loves to hang out with her husband Gary, her two grown sons, her gorgeous daughter-in-law – and the most beautiful granddaughter ever created. She also gets a kick out of gardening, creating beautiful things, reading good books, and working out.

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Senior Program Coordinator

Carmen Swank

For more than 25 years, Carmen has worked with non-profits and in the Arts partnering with parents as they train and equip their children with tools for life. After 22 years of working from home, Carmen joined the RezilientKidz Team to continue impacting families. Her passion is creating and bringing inspiration through resources, speaking opportunities and in personal interactions.

Carmen’s favorite crew to inspire and create for is her husband of 29 years and their “Fab 5.”  What a journey of growth, adventure and profound joy it is to enter a new chapter of launching young adults. She and her husband are thankful for their enduring love and friendship and their mini schnauzer named Mr. Pickles.

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Jesse Fullan

For over 10 years, Jesse has been a passionate trailblazer in non-profit organizations. At RezilientKidz, Jesse manages our website and social media presence, creates content to serve families and community leaders, among the many other creative needs that come up in a small non-profit. Jesse’s heartbeat is utilizing tools in the digital space to bring help and hope to people who long for it.

Jesse’s favorite job is being a dad to three wonderful, goofy, and loving kids. He is also an avid musician, and one of his favorite pastimes is performing coffeeshop concerts with his wife.

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