Community Grant Application

At RezilientKidz, our mission is to transform communities by strengthening families through committed coalitions and proven character-building programs. Our premier parenting program, Raising Highly Capable Kids (RHCK) is a 13-week multilingual, evidence-based parenting program developed to build stronger families by empowering parents with the confidence, tools, and skills they need to raise healthy, caring, and responsible children. 

Applicants requesting a RHCK Community Grant understand this is not a monetary grant. This is a program grant only in which all costs associated with launching Raising Highly Capable Kids in a community for 18 months are absorbed by RezilientKidz and the donors who give to sustain this program. 

There are specific criteria that must be met for a program grant to be provided. These include:

  • demonstrating community need, 
  • creation of a coalition of community leaders to encircle program efforts, 
  • identification of a Community Champion, who will be the RezilientKidz point person in the community, 
  • a sustainability plan post grant period, 
  • the agreement to submit quarterly reports and testimonies.

Upon submission of your application, the RezilientKidz Review Team will respond within 72 hours with additional questions, approval or disapproval. Upon approval, your community will be assigned to the Regional Representative for your state. This Rep will be your primary point person on the RezilientKidz Team.  

We look forward to continuing the partnership conversation on behalf of families in your community!

Your Information:

Organization Information:

Community Information:

Community centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, family court systems, etc.

Set aside budget or raise funding for purchasing materials, establish coalition partners willing to support the program for many years, etc.