Positive Identity

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Asset 40: Positive View of Personal Future

Research shows that young people who are optimistic about the future have better relationships with their parents, increased self-esteem, and decreased emotional or behavioral problems, such as depression, early sexual activity, and violence.

Asset 39: Sense of Purpose

When young people think today about what they want to accomplish in their lives, it shapes their sense of purpose. Each and every young person has something unique to offer the world.

Asset 38: Self-Esteem

Teach young people the values and actions that will build genuine self-esteem, including caring, giving, treating others with kindness and tolerance, and always doing your best in school and other activities.

Asset 37: Personal Power

When young people feel empowered, they feel more confident to make their own choices—to get good grades, participate in activities they enjoy, and take action to find solutions to problems.

Asset 37: Personal Power Asset 38: Self-Esteem Asset 39: Sense of Purpose Asset 40: Positive View of Personal Future Positive Identity

People who have a strong, positive sense of self maintain these qualities even when difficulties arise. They continue to be hopeful and optimistic, and believe they can make a difference.

Commitment to Learning Positive Identity Positive Values Social Competence

Young people learn by example and repetition. Model and explain how your own behavior upholds the values and beliefs you—and your family—have.

Boundaries and Expectations Commitment to Learning Constructive Use of Time Empowerment Positive Identity Positive Values Social Competence Support

The secret to helping children and youth grow into happy, healthy, and responsible adults isn’t really a secret at all. Research from Search Institute identifies 40 Developmental Assets that have a powerful, positive impact on young people.

Asset 10: Safety Asset 17: Creative Activities Asset 18: Youth Programs Asset 19: Religious Community Asset 33: Interpersonal Competence Asset 38: Self-Esteem Asset 5: Caring School Climate