Since 2019, KICKO (Knoxville Inner City Kids Outreach) has been a community partner utilizing our Raising Highly Capable Kids program in bold ways. They have partnered with organizations such as Metro Drug Coalition, Boys & Girls Club, Susanna’s House, Restoration House and Emerald Youth to serve and impact families in Knoxville.

Through the ups and downs of the pandemic, KICKO has successfully conducted multiple in-person sessions. Their local donors have stepped up with relief to provide grants for food, childcare, and incentives for RHCK class participants. What a way to come together!

Summer classes have wrapped up and fall/winter classes are preparing to launch. The RezilientKidz team is thankful for rich partnerships like KICKO!

Below: KICKO recently celebrated with the parents who completed the Raising Highly Capable Kids program. The relationships and social equity was one of the greatest gifts that emerged from this class.

“Raising Highly Capable Kids is a great and critical curriculum for mothers like me to have… It encouraged me to step out my comfort zone and converse with people around me for support and guidance for my children. For us mothers who were lost and are now found, we fiercely fight for a better life, for sobriety, for better parenting, for ourselves and for our children. Thank you for blessing us with this curriculum!”