RHCK Facilitators in Santa Ana

Raising Highly Capable Kids started in Santa Ana, California – a city plagued with drugs, gangs, abuse, and poverty. About 91 percent of students in the Santa Ana Unified School District come from low-income families.

When the program began, change followed. At first, one mother could barely look anyone in the face when she spoke. Her teeth were broken from domestic abuse. But a year later, she led class discussions with her head held high. Thanks to the parenting classes, she had escaped from domestic violence and was changing her family and her community.

Today, Santa Ana has classes across over a dozen campuses and the school board has approved the program to go district wide in the fall of 2023. The following statistics are just a taste of what the program has done since it began in 2011.

Raising Highly Capable Kids is an evidence-based parenting program that believes kids flourish with involved parents. It’s 21% more effective than other parenting programs and has been reaching underserved communities across the country since 2011. With your help, we can keep changing lives and transforming families.