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Words Kids Use to Cope (Asset #37)

Children deal with confusing or painful situations by trying to make sense of them. Some of the words they use to understand difficult circumstances include “what if,” and “I wonder.” They will also use “should” and “could” to create order when they have little...

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Child Says He Wants to Die (Assets 2, 3, & 39)

What should I do when my 6‐year‐old son tells me he wishes he were dead? He said that today and I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say back. That statement would startle any parent! But one thing to remember is that for a 6‐year‐old, any number of things can lead...

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Concerns About Daycare (Assets 3 & 21)

As a working mother, should I be worried about placing my child in a daycare facility? Personally, I have some serious misgivings about this option, but my husband thinks it's fine. Are you aware of any research on this subject or other choices we might consider?...

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