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What People Are Saying

“The power of Raising Highly Capable Kids is that it empowers the parent, by changing the home life. And if we change the home life. We’ve empowered the kids.”

Principal, Fort Worth

“Taking this weekly course has been one of the best decision I’ve made this year. I remember coming to the meeting feeling defeated, yet leaving feeling brand-new.”


“The course was valuable in two ways: first, as a very useful resource in understanding what child developmental assets are and why they are important; and secondly, group members naturally became a good support for one another and offered many positive suggestions!  Thanks for bringing it to Nekoosa!”


“Raising Highly Capable Kids is bringing a transformation…not only at home but in the surrounding community”

Pastor Lee de Leon

“The classes helped me learn how to treat others; how to treat my wife and children better. And now I’m another person; a good person. My life has changed completely. It’s an excellent program.”


“Raising Highly Capable Kids taught me so much about myself and my children. I gained knowledge of important things to teach my children, to make us a better family, and the tools to use the skills! Lastly, I walked into the class not really knowing anyone and I walked out with some lifelong friends and support system!”


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