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About Rezilient Kidz

Created to Champion Family Success

Rezilient Kidz is a 501c3 educational organization created to champion the needs of children and to equip parents to build thriving, healthy families through research, community initiatives and reliable content.

Rezilient Kidz focuses on deepening local community efforts. Families and communities thrive best when marriages are healthy and parents are fully engaged with their children.

Equip Parents: Families and communities thrive best when parents are fully engaged with their children. Rezilient Kidz is dedicated to bringing exceptional resources to communities for the purpose of equipping parents and families to support children through programs based on relevant research and sound practices.

Schools, Churches and Communities: Society thrives when schools, community service groups and churches support healthy family development together. Rezilient Kidz focuses on bringing together community leaders and family champions to direct resources and energy into strengthening families.

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Raising Highly Capable Kids is an evidence-based program.

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